Monday, 28 January 2008

Local Car Servicing

I dropped the car off for an oil/filter change today at A.P.T.E.C. in Eastgate street. It is up the side of the A14 bridge next to the tanning salon. I had been thinking about having the cam/timing belt changed as well, but couldn't leave the car long enough with them today, because someone I work with needed a new engine recently. When I dropped the car off this morning at 07:45 nobody was there, and I put the key through the letterbox. I went back at 13:00 to pick the car up and they mentioned the timing belt job. They said "your car hasn't got a timing belt". "Hey, what's it got then ?" "a timing chain" "how long do they last ?" " as long as the car" Result !

So if your car needs a service call them on Bury 700856. Or alternatively Barry Keymer on Chapel Pond Hill (near Marlows) on Bury 767913 who are also independent car mechanics.



21st Century Mummy said...

APTEC are fab - I can also recommend them. Best ever!

Spinner said...

Had a problem myself with a timing belt, though Martin at sorted me out. Stocks all sorts of dodge bearings too which is nice. :)