Wednesday, 30 January 2008

"Can you do me a favour"

I was waiting outside work at 08:00, on Monday, when a lad in his teens comes walking along and says to me "Can you do me a favour". Being stood outside my place of employment, I thought it might be work related, so I said "I might be able too". "Can you get me some cigarettes ?" he asks. "No" I reply, and he walks off, generally in the direction of school.
I admit that I did use to drink under age in pubs, so it was kind of hypocritical of me, but there is a principle behind not helping him in his quest for a fag. If I got away with it, I got away with it. Not as much medical research had been done in the 80's about the damage caused, and warnings of its danger was not printed on packaging. So I'm not going to encourage others to drink and smoke underage as well, and make purchases for them.
"Sorry fella"



grumpyoldwoman said...

You did exactly the right thing - there is a difference between allowing kids to experiment and encouraging them to do it.

Aidan said...

At least the people who ask you have brains - here is a recent exchange of words;

"Oi dickhead! Get me some fags!"

"No. Bugger off."

"Right tw** you are."

And then he wanders off in the general direction of school.