Thursday, 3 January 2008

It's No Snow

The weather forecasters have been building my hopes up for some snow for today,(It is probably the child in me mixed with the fact it doesn't happen very often). Well what do they know ? Absolutely no more than I do. We can all stand up and say its going to snow on Thursday, the difference is these people are Meteorologists. Professionals paid to study weather patterns.
I appreciate that some parts of the country have had snow, but I haven't !
Then when we hear from a member of the public about some bad weather heading are way, the people supposedly in the know, say it isn't.
So trust the feel of a piece of seaweed hanging in your garden, or your Auntie's bunion aching, it appears more accurate.
But i still like the weather girls on GMTV.



todaysdaze said...

is that the same weather girls who sang "its raining men" ???? lol

Cashier No.5 said...

Nooo, its Claire Nazir and Andrea McClane. With a Cheery smile in the morning before I go to work.

grumpyoldwoman said...

Thats where you are going wrong - watching weather reports and believing in them just cos the girls are bootilicious LOL

fourpints said...

we have had more snow here than I can really cope with.
Over a foot in the driveway.