Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Hit and Run

On Wednesday 19th of December 2007 at around 6:30pm, it was my mothers cousin Thelma (Joyce) Driver 81, who was hit, and subsequently died, as a result of being hit by a van in Out Northgate, at the Junction with Station Hill, in Bury St.Edmunds, which was then driven off without stopping.
If you'd like to have a look at the type of van (Vauxhall Combo) suspected to have been in collision with the lady, and see if you know anyone who may drive a vehicle like it, to help the investigation, click here to see the Bury Free Press article about the van.

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picklesmum said...

Oh, that is dreadful What a waste. When I left Bury 8 years ago they were talking about putting a crossing in there. It shouldn't have had to come to this before something is done.

grumpyoldwoman said...

Although I never met Joyce I often spoke to her husband Dick in his capacity as an organist. I was so sad to see what happened to Joyce and so cross that it happened in an area that so badly needs safe crossing points.

The other morning when it was pouring with rain I drove along Fornham Road and indicated to turn right up Station Hill. As I turning a woman wearing all black and carrying a black umbrella stepped into the road right in front of me - bearing in mind that I had my lights on and was indicating she made no effort to wait until I had completed my turn. I will never know how I missed her.

It is a nightmare for both pedestrians and motorists on that stretch of road and something needs to be done and soon.

Cashier No.5 said...

So true, from kerb to kerb the road is very wide at that junction. Someone who lives there knows the distances, but a crossing needs to be put in. All be it, to late now, unless it saves one other life.

Bury Boy said...

Do I recall that as part of Tesco planning consent they were required to put in a crossing. This is the same company that ignored advice and built a larger than approved extention. Do they care for any thing other than PROFIT

One may like to blame Tesco but this junction has been a danger for quite a while. We should not have to wait until such a event. Stronger speed control in the whole area may help. 20mph ( which in truth means 30mph). may just have made the difference.

Lets hope some one comes forward with information, and ..... and what?