Saturday, 12 January 2008


After having to work this morning, I went home at lunch time and headed off to Felixstowe with the wife. The first stop was the sea front, and a quick go in the amusement arcade, where I lost about £3 playing the machines.

We left the amusements and took a stroll along the promenade, which was a bit fresh, but nice and sunny.

Above is one of many container ships you see going in and out of the Port. Below is the sun getting low in the sky behind the pier, and a young family playing on the beach.

Landguard Fort

This is always my favourite part of visiting Felixstowe, going to the viewing area at the port, but unfortunately there wasn't much happening during our time there today.

This was the first time I'd been there as it started to get dark, and see the lights on.

Being a good weather angler myself, I enquired with the fisherman if they had caught anything, but they said no it was slow going today.
Called into Morrisons in Ipswich, on the way back, for some groceries, and cooked the wife surf and turf for dinner tonight.



grumpyoldwoman said...

I hope you had a cuppa at the stall at the viewing point - best tea in Felixstowe!

Cashier No.5 said...

I actually wanted some chips, but the damn hut was shut !