Sunday, 25 November 2007

Full Moon

I set the alarm clock for 5:15 this morning, to go and pick up the wife at Heathrow, but I was awake at 4:13, and put the TV on. I checked Ceefax for flight arrival times and VS022 was on time (due to land at 07:05) from Washington D.C. I watched BBC news for a while then got up dressed, and made a cup of tea, before getting on the road at 6am.
As I got outside it was apparent it was a full moon, and was shining brightly. With a bit of moisture on the road, you could almost see the way ahead without the car headlights, it was like having a torch shined down on you.
There wasn't much traffic, both going and coming back, on any of the road (even the M25), and my timing was perfect. I was only waiting in arrivals for about 5 or 6 minutes before the wife came through from luggage reclaim, just after 8am.
When we got home I took a look at her photo's and there is literally only 1 that's outdoors and doesn't have a family member in it.

I'm not sure why she took a picture of these three vehicles.

Ohio is known as the Buckeye state, not as exotic sounding as the Great Lake state or the Sunshine state, a Buckeye sounds like it is something like a Deer, but is in fact a tree. There is a roller coaster park in Ohio called Cedar Point, and did boast the biggest, fastest roller-coaster ride, in the world, called The Millennium ride, which I have ridden.

It climbs up to a height of 310 feet before dropping 300 feet and hits a speed of 93 mph, on the bank of Lake Erie. I rode this with my arms up in the air, and when I got off I had dead bugs up my arms, like on a car windscreen. It has since been beaten by another ride.

Washed the car, and went for a pint. Day off tomorrow, so the wife will be fed up with me by dinner time.


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grumpyoldwoman said...

What is it about fairground rides? Who wants to be scared sh*tless? I am very grateful that I take tablets to stabilise my heartbeat and therefore have a valid excuse never to go on them!

I find major roundabouts quite scarey enough thank you. Quick someone - pass me a valium!