Wednesday, 21 November 2007

An Amusing Work Story

I was serving a lady today at work, and asked her to complete a form. She rummaged through her handbag and said "I can't find my glasses", usual story we get.
"I don't mind filling it out for you, pass it back" I said (unlike me).
"Can you put your name and address on this bit" I enquired. More rummaging in the handbag starts again.
"Are you looking for the glasses that are on the top of your head ? " I ask, and a bit of a chuckling breaks out from both of us.

With the wife away, I thought I might as well go out and watch the England v Croatia game. Something I don't regret at all. Despite the result, it was a good game, end to end. Unfortunately bringing to an end our hopes of being in the tournament. Hey Ho.


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picklesmum said...

Only on a Wednesday could that happen!