Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New Tyres

Went down to Bury Tyre Centre on Station hill at about 10am today and had 2 new Tyres at £74 each put on the back wheels of my car. While it was being done I took a stroll down to Tesco to get a paper and lotto ticket.
Left the Tyre centre, and called in at my brothers to pick up my nephews car seat, as I'm running them to Stansted airport in the morning at 03:30. Unfortunately, when I knocked at the door, my brother jumped up out of an armchair and put his back out, throwing the whole trip into jeopardy. Osteopath appointment quickly made !
Went home and done some chores, before going to my parents house for an evening meal with them of pork loin, followed by apple crumble, and watched a bit of tv. Bed now as I'm up early.


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Picklesmum said...

Hooray! You are back! Where did you go? Say hello to your Mum from me