Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Dangerous Territory

I decided to have a look in Debenhams new store in Bury St Edmunds today, having decided the novelty factor must have worn off by now, and their would be fewer people in there.
I entered the main front doors, and looked for the "men's" department, and to my surprise this is on the ground floor. Usually this is up or down a floor and the "women's" clothes are on this level, which I've wondered if its due to pushchairs and buying powers.
Anyway I wander through noting Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Jasper Conran, Red Herring plus many other brands. I pass Sketchers shoes and then I've entered my uncomfortable zone.
I'm on my own and I've now left "men's" and I'm in Bikini's and womanly stuff, I'm a Deer caught in headlights.
Where's the door ? shall I turn back, past the shop assistant, who I'd noticed had nothing to do ? Is there an escalator to take me out of this department ?
I keep walking, daylight, there is the door, keeping my eyes looking straight ahead, I don't need a thong !



Picklesmum said...

I imagine this to be like when Father Ted and Father Dougal got trapped in the lingerie department? My friend and I couldn't find the door to get out of the ladies department. We eventually realised we were in a basement! DOH!

Bury Boy said...

Do not fear No5, Every thing you need is available else where, you dont need to enter that store again, unless you want too........