Saturday, 7 March 2009

Cattle Market Opening

On Thursday 5th March the Cattle Market development finally opened. I took some pictures, but when I got home Thursday night, I found the Camera cable nowhere to be seen. So I have been unable to blog it till now, using photographs, until I was able to locate the cable at my wife's friends house.

Working in close proximity to the Cattle Market development, I've seen it rise from the ground. I can't believe the photo below is dated 06/06/2008 to where the building is now.

On Thursday the offical opening was at 10:30, and in my lunch hour I took a quick walk round the new square, before a quick pint in the Grapes got me back to my senses.

I always feel uncomfortable taking photographs in unusual places, I feel self conscious of people wondering "why is he taking a picture of that". This was reiterated, when the man in the foreground wearing a baseball cap in the picture below, came up to me and said "Do you work for the council" ? "No" I said. "Well I think it looks bloody awful" he said.

I didn't stick around to hear any more, and I haven't been back since. Not in case he's still there, but because it is having its desired effect at the moment, and there are to larger crowds for my liking.

But on opening day, Debenhams were already offering 25% off.

And another thing, someone is going to get hurt in St.Andrews street, the amount of muppets who cannot read the signs at each end of the road that say "Pedestrian Zone" and tear down there at 30 mph is unreal.



Bury Boy said...

Not only St Andrews street, Number 5, also Kings Road, why this was not shared space i will never know.

the A word is banned you know, Its the cattle market.

Cashier No.5 said...

Noted and edited, thank you Bury Boy

Picklesmum said...

thank you No.5 for removing that offensive A word!