Saturday, 3 January 2009

Stanningfield Walk

Saturday 3rd of January, and I've arranged to go for a walk with my Bro'. My Sister-in-law drops us off in Stanningfield, just off the A134 Sudbury road, with the plan to walk back to Bury St. Edmunds.

A bit of Suffolk countryside in Stanningfield, and walking by houses with the smell of log fires burning, makes you wish you were sat beside one.

I should have taken more photograph's along the route we walked, but weaving our way along the public footpaths we work our way to the Rushbrooke Arms, which we call in and have an Old Speckled Hen.

Leaving the Rushbrooke Arms, we walk back up to the public footpath and a man shouts at us "Oi, the public footpath is between the two fields, this is private" we are possibly about 200 yards from where the man says. The Ordinance Survey map (to our error) shows where it is on a scale of 1:50,000 so you might be a few feet out sometimes, Get Off My Land !

We came round a corner on a road in Rougham and there was as a sign warning us of four guys in the road singing " that's neat, that's neat, I really love your Tiger Feet". Sorry about that !

Getting near Rougham, on the bend of the A14, between there and Bury St.Edmunds, we pass the fields the Pigs are grazing in, before going under the underpass onto the Moreton hall industrial estate.

We hobbled to the Flying Fortress, by which time I've got a small blister on my heel, where we congratulate ourselves on making the journey, and I brag I could do it all again if I'd laced my boots a bit tighter and hadn't got said blister. Total distance was approximately (wow 13 letters, I thought wheelbarrow was the longest word I knew) 8 miles.

Having parted company, I called into the Moreton hall pub and took this pic of the sun setting.

I've since filtered off, one of my two bottles, of Sloe Gin, and "Pow" it hits you in the face.

More to follow....


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Ruby said...

To my regret, I never walked round Bury much. The outskirts that is - did plenty round town! Sounds like quite a treck, and if you ever see Mud on the road in future, my request is Dynamite, ta!