Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year

New Years Eve and I finish work at 3pm. I Got home and can't be bothered to go out (totally unlike me !).
So I stay home, with the wife, reading Lee Sharpe's autobiography, that someone had lent to me along with Roy Keane's that I'd already finished, thanks Sue. Anyway I must have read about 80 pages and didn't have a single beer, Seeing the New Year in.
New years day, and I went to my parents in Horringer with my Brother, Sister-in-law and nephew. Bro' and I called in the Six Bells, just after 12pm and sampled some bitters, before returning to theirs for lunch at 1.30pm, of roast pork. After lunch I helped to rebuild a Lego fire station I'd made back in June for my Nephew to play with, that had taken a bit of rough play. We all had some sandwiches for tea, before going home in the evening about 7.30pm. I went to bed about 10pm, as I had to work today, and I still felt bloated from Lunch and tea, it felt good though. My mum does the best roast dinner.

Happy New Year Everyone, for 2009


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