Monday, 5 January 2009

Sloe Gin (Update 2)

I acquired some Coffee filters I had been wanting to use to filter the "stewing" Sloe's from the Gin, having asked around, and refusing to pay for any, as I don't have a Coffee machine, I finally got some.

With a filter placed into a funnel, the liquor was poured, and some berries from the bottle, ended in the filter during the straining.

Once strained, I returned the Sloe Gin into the bottle it had been stewing in, after the bottle had been cleaned.

Found a small glass in the cupboard to sample a small drop. This was the bottle containing the berries I picked first from on the housing estate, before going to Culford for a second batch, which are still bottled.

This is a lovely, warming, drink in the evening after dinner. One I'm looking to enjoy, and repeat next year in more quantity, due to people asking for a drop.

I have been challenged to a competition, by a friend, involving my Sloe Gin against his spiced up Mulled Wine, to be judged my the pub regulars. If it happens I'll blog the result of it.


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