Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Poorly Pussycat (2)

Warning: Don't scroll down if your eating a meal or squeamish.

On Thursday 22 January I blogged about a lump I found on my wife's Cats neck. More surgery has now been done.

On Friday the Veterinary Surgery called and the young vet, who had not been comfortable in trying to remove the Tumour, said that we could take Tiggy to their partner practice in Stowmarket, where a more experienced Vet would try and take it all out.

This was scheduled to be performed yesterday. So we left the Cat with them at 08:30. We got a call at 12:40 from the Vets to say it was taking a long time and the Cat would have to be kept there overnight.

We got a call this morning from them at 09:00 to say that we could collect her. She had to have a drain put in to stop fluid from building up where the Tumour was.

You can see the drain hanging below her neck, while being rewarded with some Tuna. The drain has to remain in until Saturday.


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Picklesmum said...

Oh poor poor Puss. Sounds like you use the same practice as us, they are all very kind and I'm sure will do their best for her.