Monday, 18 February 2008

Bury St.Edmunds Pubs

I posted Seventeen pub pictures, and the Brewey, back on the 13th July 2007, on a picture trail slideshow. Today I decided to cycle around the other ten and picture the rest.

Along the way round on the route I took, I decided to take a couple of pictures of other places that have been developed in Bury. These are the town houses that now stand in Cotton Lane, where the Chicken processing factory was.

The first photo I took today was of "The Gaff" formerly the Ipswich Arms. Its now called or classed as a bar and grill, so decide for yourself if its still a pub or not. I've not been in there since its refurbishment, so I haven't made my mind up. These are the flats that now stand on Station Hill, across the road from Club Brazilia.
Cycling around taking the photo's was a funny experience, because people seeing you with a camera, seem to wonder what, and why, you are taking pictures of an unusual topic. I felt that while I was taking a photo, I may have been capturing someone who shouldn't have been there, on a weekday.
Having Photographed seven of the ten pubs I'd set out to photograph, I stopped at the eight for a pint. This was the Glad Abbot. I decided to stop here because it was the most out of the way one, for me to get to, and I was knackered by this point, and a rest was needed.
After a pint of Carling (£2.90) in there, I passed along beside the river linnet, which had ice on it in places, through the Horringer Court estate, down to the Spread Eagle. From there I headed up to Hardwick, and the Macebearer. It was tricky to picture the Macebearer, because of railings infront of it, the lower level of the car park the further you get back, and the low sunlight.

Having snapped this pub, I popped into Coral's on the Hardwick precinct, and had £2 on Climate in the 4.10 at Lingfield taking odds of 8/1,it won, paying me £18 back. With my local closed now until the 28th February, I met up with a mate in the Ramada hotel for another pint. I haven't been there for ages, and I forgot to take a photo.



grumpyoldwoman said...

Have been in The Gaffe for lunch a couple of times and the food is lovely. Went in one evening and it was dead - no atmosphere, although I have been told that sometimes it is heaving. They do however have hair straighteners in the 'birds' loo (thats what it says on the door) which is useful!

Anonymous said...
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picklesmum said...

Wow, cannot believe the houses in Cotton Lane, I didn't realise there was that much space there.