Thursday, 20 December 2007

Work - Staff Meal Curry

Last night, after work, eight of us out of fourteen, went out for a meal together at the Valley Connection Indian restaurant, in Churchgate st. You will find it in the building that was "Gabe's" restaurant, next to the Queens Head pub.
Having been seated and drinks ordered, we were drawn to the Xmas party menu by the waiter. This consisted of a mixed starter followed by a banquet of dishes to pick from amongst ourselves, for a set fee of £19.95.
There was a mild chicken dish, a medium prawn dish, and my favourite of the three, a spicy hot lamb dish. Plenty of rice both mushroom and special fried, Bombay potatoes, chick pea and spinach dishes, and a Vegetarian dish for one of my colleagues.
I hadn't been keen on ordering this type of layout, and had wanted to order something I knew I liked, but this gave me the chance to try something I hadn't before.
The food was very good, as was the service and the restaurant was filled to capacity. I am keen to go back now, to try one of the dishes I would normally choose in an Indian restaurant, to see if it is as good again.
After the meal we decided to head for the Kings Arms to carry on the evening and at about 11pm four of us left to go home and the other four moved on to Bar 3.
This morning there were some tired staff, me included, as I had waited for my wife to come home, who's working 4pm to midnight this week.



picklesmum said...

I used to like Gabe's Bistro. When did that close? Last millennium I'm guessing!

Cashier No.5 said...

It was a Tex Mex restaurant in there for a long while. its been totally re-done inside.

Bury Boy said...

It was a post office, sweet shop, flower shop and a general store before Gabes. Sounds good I must arrange a visit.