Sunday, 9 December 2007


At 4am this morning, the alarm clock went off. I got up, pulled on a pair of jeans, t-shirt, jumper and socks (I already had boxers on, I'm not going commando). Brushed my teeth, put on my coat and a pair of trainers and headed out the door into the dark of night.

My destination was my friend Ian's house, about five minutes walk away, to watch the Rick Hatton v Floyd Mayweather live at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, on Sky TV pay per view.

I had been text by Ian telling me to go to the back door and not knock and wake up his partner and baby ringing the front door bell.
I had been to his house before, but in my "one-up from sleep walking state" I was having a little trouble finding his house, let alone a door.
After realising I hadn't gone far enough up the road, I found the house, side gate, and back door, I let myself in and found Ian sat on the sofa with two of his friends Stu'y and Bunion.
"wanna beer No.5" said Ian. "Nah, can I make a cup of Tea" I replied. I had contemplated taking a bottle of Old Speckled Hen with me, but a beer didn't appeal at the time.
Having made a brew and sat down, I find out the other 3 guys have been up all night waiting for the fight, and with other fights on the bill, the walk down to the ring for this main fight didn't start until about 04:45 and the 3 of them say they are starting to struggle to stay awake.
Round 1 and Hatton lands a punch that has Mayweather wobble or slip, but he couldn't compete with his opponents reach and class on the night, and in round 10 Mayweather lands a left that has Hatton slumping onto the corner post, after which he is able to finish his opponents challenge.
I made the short walk back home, and got back to bed at 05:45. I think an afternoon nap will be in order today.


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grumpyoldwoman said...

I enjoyed the Khan fight - about as long as my attention span! I watched in the Kings Arms and one guy was chatting and looked up to say 'has it started yet' and was told he had missed it - his face was a picture!