Thursday, 6 December 2007

An Amusing Work Story (2)

On Saturday I sold a lady a retail item, and never actually handled the box it was in, as it was on display, and she put it in the bag I gave her, with the receipts.
On Monday, our acting branch manager says to me "that item you sold Saturday, was an empty box". A box with the goods removed for security, which I didn't know.
I hope she discovers its empty before she wraps it, gives it to someone for Christmas, and found to be empty Christmas day !
As she hasn't been back yet.



grumpyoldwoman said...

Surely everyone checks the contents of the box before wrapping it up? Then the fun part begins - trying to get the contents back INTO the box!

21st Century Mummy said...

Ha Ha - I saw the note in the BFP suggesting that they pop back to collect the goods....Cashier No 5, you're famous at last ;-D