Sunday, 15 June 2008

Gatwick - I nearly didn't make the A14

I left the house at 7am to go to Gatwick airport this morning. I drove the road around the Sugar beet factory, down to the Tesco roundabout, to pick up the A14/A11/M11/M25/M23.
On the dualed carriage way (A143) approaching the Tesco's roundabout I pulled into the right lane to turn right. There was a Jaguar car in the left lane, and nothing was coming round the roundabout, but the elderly Jaguar driver decided to turn right, across my bonnet, and go round the roundabout the wrong way towards the off ramp.
I skidded to a halt, avoided any contact and blared the car horn, and he didn't even flinch. It wasn't until a large van came round the roundabout, did he stop and back up.
Was he listening to his Sat Nav telling him to turn right ? Words fail me.



grumpyoldwoman said...

The clue to this was in your use of the word 'elderley' - Now, I hate to be 'ageist' but with age comes forgetfulness (what was I saying) and slow reaction time. On a lesson many years ago I was waiting to go straight on at the newly opened mini-roundabout outside Sainsburies and no instructor tutted when there was nothing coming from my right and I didnt move - that was because the elderley driver of the mini that had gone before me had missed the turning and was reversing towards me so as not to miss Sainburies - old drivers scare my witless!

grumpyoldwoman said...

Re: 'no'when I meant 'my' - and 'my' when I meant 'me' - may I please plead age and super-strong painkillers washed down with vodka. Ta. Much appreciated.