Sunday, 31 May 2009

Take a Walk

Today, my brother and I walked to Thurston from the Moreton Hall area of Bury St.Edmunds, and back again, after two drinks in the Fox and Hounds.
On Friday, at work, a black gentleman came to me wanting to cash 1450 euros in 50 euro notes into sterling, worth £1167. Straight away the feel of the paper wasn't right and the colour was a bit off (talc powdery). So I told the gentleman I needed to go and scan the notes. This is what we call the "walk away test" and see if the customer leaves. Well he didn't so I had to go back and speak again. Beside me was a genuine electronic note scanner so i fed the notes in one by one and each one registered as a dude. He made out as if he'd been given them as payment and had no idea they were fake. By this time another man in the queue had joined him (without waiting to be served) and no doubt he had a pocket full of fake notes as well, and was waiting to see if his mate was successful. Anyway I told him I was keeping the notes, and we passed them on to the Police, who told us that they had been successful in cashing some at a bank in town.


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Picklesmum said...

Well spotted No.5!