Friday, 1 May 2009

Cashew No.5

Cashew No.5 please. I had a good laugh with the same four guys I went out with on 30th of May last year, and blogged on the 31st.

We met up at our local, then got a taxi to the Dog and Partridge in crown street. Mr P. you are a good transport organiser.

A couple of other friends met up with us at the D+P before we called in the Queens Head, then on to the Kings Arms.

After the Kings Arms I had a Texican burger, at £4.39 each !, before 1 last beer in town in the Grapes. It didn't look quite like the picture below, but was tasty.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see the Counterfeit Rolling Stones, at the Felixstowe Spa Pavilion with my Brother and Sister-in-law, and hopefully get some pictures of it, from the front row !


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