Thursday, 2 October 2008

How Much ?

I was asked today "How much would £50 of Euros cost ?"

My Reply was "£50". and I get a blank look.

So I explained to the lady that she would get 60 Euros for her £50.

Anyway she toddles off, and comes back a bit later with her money, and the deals done.

Look out Malta...



grumpyoldwoman said...

If I bring you a 50 euro note what will I get for it. We had one handed in at church as a donation and cant pay it in to the charity? I reckon about £40 - am I right? Only 6 days til I go back to Turkey - woo hoo!

Cashier No.5 said...

about £36 I reckon

grumpyoldwoman said...

Thanks No 5 - excellent service - nice tan by the way ;-)

Hoffy Swims said...

Yes, but I asked for £100 worth of US Dollars today and it cost me £103.11 so I know possibly where she was coming from!!! LOL!