Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Belarus v England

After work tonight, I got changed and went back into town, to see Belarus v England. I had not made any arrangements to meet anybody I knew, and headed down to the Queens Head public house, in Churchgate street, where I hoped and expected them to have Setanta Sports TV channel, that the game was going to be shown on.

Kick off for the game was 7:30 pm, and I wandered through the front doors of the above mentioned pub at 7:15pm. I couldn't see anyone I knew in there, but got myself a pint, and took up a space at the bar where I had a good view of one of their six(6) flat screen TV's.

I'm more than happy to walk into a bar on my own and not talk to a soul (except for asking for a drink), if that's what I want, but struck up a conversation with a guy called Rob, who's job had brought him to Bury St Edmunds, and who was staying in the Angel Hotel, and had been directed to this pub by the Hotel staff, to see the game.

After a fairly reasonable game in which England won 3-1 with goals from Gerrard and two from Rooney, I made my way to the Angel hill to await my lift home, and took a picture of the Abbey gate illuminated in the darkness as I waited.


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