Monday, 26 May 2008

Bank (Blog) Holiday Monday

I haven't been blogging much lately, mainly because I haven't done much outside of the usual 9 to 5 routine.
I have, this weekend, run the wife down to Gatwick airport, and the rain was horrendous. I'm sure if we'd left the house 10 minutes later, the M25 would have been shut off, as a car had aquaplaned into the central reservation barrier, and was facing the wrong way in the fast lane, and we would have been waiting for the vehicle to be recovered. I heard on the way back that the road had just re-opened at the place of the accident.
Today, Bank holiday Monday, was no different to much of my spare time, as in its spent in my local. Apart from a pleasant chat with fellow blogger, GrumpyOldWoman (who doesn't actually look too old, and had been to Turkey, as did I last year, and do again in September, and her legs were browner than in her photograph, she showed me!).
As I sat with the regulars, a member of staff came across and said, a couple at the end of the bar (from America, who read my blog) would like to meet me. So I went over, and they were from Des Moines in Iowa, and had a nice chat with them for 20 minutes, or so.


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grumpyoldwoman said...

I enjoyed our chat No 5 and also a very acceptable meal. The couple you spoke to then came over to introduce themselves to me (didnt know I could still blush). As for the 'not TOO old' - I think theres a kind of compliment in there somewhere LOL.