Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Food Poisoning

On the way home from Cambourne, on Saturday, we stopped off and got a takeaway which involved Chicken. There was some left over, and on Sunday night, about 8pm, I zapped it in the microwave oven, against my wife's warnings, and ate it.
Well boy do I wish I'd listened to her. At about 2am Monday morning, I woke up and didn't feel right, and not being able to get back to sleep, I thought I'd get up and watch a bit of TV to take my mind off it. I went back to bed at 3:30am, not feeling better but not any worse either.
It wasn't long though, before I was thinking that I would be better off in the bathroom, and in this situation, I was glad the hand basin is close to the Toilet. I was back and forth a couple more times, before I had to start getting ready for work at 7am.
When I got to work a fever started to affect me, the sort you get with flu, the alternate shivers and sweats. At 10am I left work, in the rain and gales, knowing that I could get the 83 bus home at 10:10 from outside Palmers. When I got to Palmers I was shivery so I stepped inside the store, I then felt like I was going to pass or black out, so I went back outside and the cold air helped, but was still feeling weak on my feet, and crouched down.
Then the bus didn't turn up ! I gave it 10-15 minutes after the bus was due to arrive, and walked to the Taxi rank. I look in the first cab, no driver, I look in the second cab, no driver, I go to the next cab parked round the corner of Specsavers and explain this to the driver and he blasts his horn, "he doesn't need to scare the crap out of me" I thought to myself.
"Can you just get me home please, I don't feel good" "they are probably in the betting shop" the cabbie replies, "I can't wait for them" I said, and he drove me home.
Once home I took some ibuprofen and zantac and took up residence on the sofa, with a blanket for the shivers, and wished the aching neck, headache and fever would go away.
I'm dozing off in the afternoon, and the house phone rings waking me back up, its a voice message reminding me I have a dental appointment on Wednesday, I know I have an appointment as I can't afford the fine for missing it !
I sipped some water occasionally and at about 6pm, felt I should try to eat something and I heated a can of soup and had toast with nothing on it, and had more ibuprofen. Thankfully the soup and toast digested ok.
I headed off to bed about 10pm, watched TV in bed for about 30 minutes, but still felt like I wouldn't be going to work the next day, but in the morning I felt much much better and went in, all day.


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grumpyoldwoman said...

Poor you. How nasty. Next time you should listen to your better half - yes, I did say better, cos she knows better'n'you - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER reheat anything from a takeaway - it may have already been reheated a few times before you get it (will probably have the takeaway police after me now).