Thursday, 5 February 2009

This Week

This week I have had a weeks annual leave. One or two people have said "not another week off !". But apart from Christmas day and boxing day, I haven't had any leave since the beginning of November, and after 15 years with my company they give me 6 weeks holiday (I am not a school teacher).

Today, Thursday, I had lunch at my parents, and Mum cooked a leg of Lamb which was so tasty. After which, dad, drove us over to the Ipswich branch of Makro.

This is on the Euro park just off the A14, on the exit after you've gone over the Orwell bridge. You have to be VAT registered to be able to shop in here. It ranges from garden, car accessories, electrical, clothes, food, office, anything for businesses. I purchased some screen wash for my car, and some Turkish beer (Efes) for a friend.

After a couple of beers in the local tonight, I decided on a taste test on 3 different brands of cat biscuits on my cats. Having put 10 biscuits on each plate, sadly in funny faces, I put each of my 2 cats one at a time in front of the plates, they sniffed each and walked off !

The plate on the left is Go-Cat Chicken, Duck and Rabbit, made by Purina, a box of 375g costing 93p from my local Tesco express. The middle plate is Joe Jill's made by Joe Inglis Chicken and Rice 1Kg reduced from £4.49 to £2.99 at Sainbury's. And the right hand plate is Sainsbury's complete Salmon, Shrimp and Tuna at £1.05 for 950g.

Result: While tapping away at the keyboard, my female cat, the poorly one, has been out to the Kitchen. Now the left plate, was nearest to the kitchen door, and the 1st one she would come too. The Go-Cat has all gone. The 2nd plate has just 4 bits left, and the 3rd, maybe the face was too scary for her ?

I think to make this test fair, I need to reverse the order of the plates, and make the Sainsbury's food look less Scary.
No, I haven't had to much time on my hands !


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