Monday, 8 December 2008

Great weekend....

...apart from one thing.
I left work Friday lunchtime, and after a quick pint in the Grapes, I had a bet on a horse for the first time in weeks. It won at 14/1 so my £2 returned £30, nice start to the weekend. Friday night and I had an invite to a party at a friends house, the couple who got married at Smeetham hall in July. They had a lot of drink left over from their wedding, and wanted to use it up, so there I was until midnight.
Saturday I had a couple of lunchtime pints, before returning home to watch Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports 1. Then at 5pm I went off to another friends house (who supports QPR), to see the QPR v Wolverhampton match live on TV. After the game I went into town with the intention of getting a Kebab, but ended up in the Grapes first, listening to the live band that was performing there, before going to Charlie's Kebab shop in St.Andrews street, and then home to bed.
Sunday I again had a couple of very quick pints, before returning home to the disappointment of the weekend. Ipswich losing to Norwich live on Sky Sports, and my phone starts beeping with messages from friends enquiring what the score is, knowing full well what it is.
Monday sees me going to Cambridge and grocery shopping with the wife. Wishing I had the whole week off, and didn't have to go back to work in the morning.


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grumpyoldwoman said...

Sounds like a regular boozy weekend No 5 - was nice to see you in the Grapes - pop over to my blog to see how my night finished LOL.